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Burning Your Wart Off With A Cigarette

If you are reading this article, then there may be a big possibility that you actually have a wart on your body that you want to remove right away. If so, then you are quite in a bit of a pickle as warts are often very hard to remove. This basically means that your warts require a lot of effort on your part and removing them will not be a walk in the park. You also may have heard that you can remove your warts using a lighted cigarette as a way to cauterize it. You may have read many stories in forums or blogs of people who actually removed their warts using this method.

Despite the stories, you are advised to avoid this method as much as possible. This is because cauterization of warts using a lighted cigarette is a very risky procedure that offers more problems than rewards. If you are still not convinced why this is so, here are some important details about this method that you should reflect on.

The Theory Behind The Method

Basically, wart removal using a lighted cigarette stem from the fact that you can basically burn anything off if you want that thing to cease existing. Fire is definitely the ultimate destroyer. However, you have to remember that the wart you are burning off is attached to the skin. The lighted cigarette method basically became popular due to the fact that most people smoked before and they will see a wart growing on their finger while holding a cigarette. It is often not that hard to put two and two together and immediately resort to try holding the lighted ember against the offending wart. Of course, there are many instances that it worked but what about the times when it didn’t?

The Case Against It

It is not a good idea to use a lighted cigarette to burn anything off from the skin. No matter how supposedly effective it is, the lighted end of a cigarette is full of toxins and dirt that can lead to skin infections. It will also leave a very ugly-looking scar. It contains ash and carbon and unburnt tobacco, paper and other bad stuff. If you have sensitive skin, this can lead to infections that aggravate the problem even more.

The Alternative

There are many better alternatives compared to using a cigarette to burn your wart. These alternatives include:

Salicylic AcidSalicylic Acid – this is very effective agains common warts. This is the most common way of removing warts and it is quite effective.

Cryosurgery – freezes the wart until it falls off. It is a fairly new method that shows a lot of promise.

Laser – the only way to cauterize a wart is to use laser equipment. It does not contain any harmful items that come in contact with the skin and it minimizes the risk of infections as well as scarring.

Only listen to good sources when looking for the best wart removal method. Don’t just believe every word you read. Always research further to corroborate or prove certain suggestions. This is the best way to go about it.