Common Warts And Ideal Treatments

Warts really suck. There is nothing good about it. It can really affect your life and sometimes you can be so ashamed of them that you will no longer want to leave your house. You can’t help it. Warts are ugly, and they can sometimes be itchy. It also gives off the impression that you have poor hygiene even if you clearly do have excellent hygiene. It definitely affects your attractiveness to the opposite sex. This is why the only thing that you should keep in mind when you get a wart is to find a way to remove it as soon as possible. However, before you start thinking about wart removal, it is best that you learn what kind of wart you have first. Here are some examples of popular warts that people regularly get.

Verucca Vulgaris – this is the scientific name for the common wart. It’s called the common wart because this is the typical wart that plagues most people. It is an elevated wart that often grows on the fingers. It would first look like a pimple but then over time, it will start forming a kind of flaky texture especially on top of the mound. While commonly appearing in the fingers, it can still manifest in other parts of the body as well.

flat wartsFlat warts – flat warts can sometimes be indistinguishable from an abnormal skin growth. This is because most flat warts are flesh toned. The bad thing about flat warts is that they proliferate very fast. They grow in significant numbers in the face, neck and hands.

Digitate wart – also known as a filiform wart. This is a wart that takes up a threadlike form and they can often be seen growing out of the eyelids. It can also grow on the lips. This is really a sucky kind of wart because it will really ruin the look.

Genital wart – this is the most embarrassing kind of wart and this is often the kind of wart that can be acquired through bad hygiene. As such, this kind of wart should be avoided at all costs.

Wart Treatments

Basic wart treatments revolve on the three common types.

  • Creams – these are topical treatments that uses special creams and ointments to remove all kinds of warts from the skin. Usually it is salicylic acid based. It is also very effective especially on the common wart.
  • Cauterization – this basically means burning off the wart. It is quite effective against stubborn common warts. Some people try to do this using cigarette but it is not advisable due to safety issues and the fact that it leaves a scar. Only doctors should do this.
  • Surgery – as a last resort, you can also try out surgery. This is very effective because it ensures that the scars will actually be removed. Of course, doctors should do this one only.

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